Friday, March 28, 2014

My pay it forward, and backwards moment this morning:

-Getting to work and forgetting my access into the building parking, so having to park downstairs (where the homeless peeps hang out/sleep) and I wasn't too worried - same crew, so I asked the old dude with the trolley , "bro, can you look out for my car, I need to get access into building, I'll be back in 2"(minor detail, I was parking in a no parking zone).
And he was like "Huh? Me? oh, okay miss, will do"....and in the back of my head i'm thinking...
mo'fokker.....don't you steal my car. I know where you sleep.
- Got to my floor, borrowed access card, made my ol' buddy a coffee and went down to give it to him.
Got down, 3 more homies are hanging round, so I handed grandpa his coffee and the others were like, 
"oh, just one? we'll look after your car every morning if you give us coffee!"
I thanked them, parked and then made 3 more coffees and took it down. 
They were stoked but I told them 
"Don't get used to it - I'm only nice to people on Fridays" 

and then suddenly, I looked at my watch at it is 10:01am.

oh I fucken love Fridays. 

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