Friday, March 14, 2014

E moe ma manu ae sau mala e atia'e.

As I sit here - awaiting a so-called storm, all around me is deafening silence, calm, peace.
Not a leaf stirs,... and the usual sounds of nature are asleep too.
It reminds me of the proverb, E momoe ma manu ae sau mala e atia'e.
We sleep with blessings but trouble or grief will soon surround us, it will awaken us (my own interpretation).

Like the grief we share with our loved ones in Seattle who have lost their beloved father/husband/grandfather,
Leota Tupa'i Viliamu Tiatia, son of Tiatia Lokeni Aloaina and Faleasiu Liki.
Brother of Vaasiliifiti Moelagi, Rev. Liki and Malu Satuu.
Uncle, Cousin, Church leader, Comedian, former Police Officer, Comedian and more.

Leota will be remembered as the quietest but the wittiest, funniest and most kindred of spirits.
In the absence of our own dad who left this life too soon, he was one of the people who were there to be our protector, comedian, storyteller.
His children, were simply, our siblings.

How I wish this was just a bad dream, and that we will wake up from it, 
but I am now choosing to wake up with the knowledge that he made our lives more full, we did wake up with blessings all these years, enabled by his love for his family, his positive nature, his ability to make people laugh in the most saddest of situations. (Eg his eulogy for his mom at Lalomalava).
He did leave us with those blessings, and we see in his children and grandchilden.

Lalovi, Diana, Lokeni, Liki, Warren - if only we could share your pain. I have no words of comfort. I cannot imagine your grief. This is so overwhelming. We love you.

I will miss you Apa,

Alofaaga e le uma,

Uncle Apa's favourtie niece (no doubt, this statement will be heavily contested:)

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Sonya Van Schaijik said...

JTIATIA upgrade to google + love your blog. Manuia le afiafi.