Friday, February 14, 2014


Kids say the darnest things - this is so so true.
Tui's vocab is developing so fast the last few weeks, and at 3 years and 5 days of his life, this is what needs to be documented:

This morning - as usual, he doesn't want to get out of his pajamas, so I am calling, then yelling at him to come change out of his nappy. Then I said things like "No one wants to hang out with a smelly boy...come change your nappy!", still he doesn't listen. Finally, I grab him, smack down on the couch and wipe him down:
Me: "Sole, we need to clean your stinky balls mate" 
His response made MM and I laugh so hard:
"No Mom! My balls are not stinky, my balls are PERFECT!"

Okay Mr Too Sure!
ha ha ha - Happy Valentines to you too!.

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