Tuesday, February 04, 2014

A glimpse into life in Tonga through the lens of that girl who sails the alia:

I've been a bit busy lately and zero motivation to blog, but I have been following this blog and loving it:

Best of all, she is doing a click project and is updating consistently, which is fabulous considering MOST of my usual bloggers are just as err, lazy busy as I.

So yeah, 5 aveaus to you Audrey for updating....everyone else, Fired.  

Forgot to say....

Our friend Marie just became Dr. Marie in Australia overnight, Felicitation smartypants! ...to celebrate, we made some madeleines this evening.....yummmmayyy~!!!

In other news:

eh, lava ga kala.

manuia le po.


QueenB said...

I'm guessing I'm one of the fired ones? hahaha e kaulia le faikau ae leai se update? lol

Hiiiii Goodess!

Goddess said...

keste, fea o e kaa ai? ...catch up time....you have some explainin' to do ua e too quiet kele!