Monday, January 20, 2014

If I had time, I would psycho-analyse blog posts by bloggers - and I will point out stuff like:

- Wants to express how caring he is but not too much that it's obvious.
- Screaming for attention, "Kath and Kim voice "Keem! Look at me! Look at maeeh!"
- Self-absorbed but trying to come across otherwise
- Socially err, interesting,  recommendation: needs to see more human beings
- Wrapped in cotton-wool and oblivious to reality, needs to see how the other half live.
- Wants to showcase his intelligence through nonchalant references zzzzz
- Unstable, needs to get some.
- Frustrated, needs to get some
- Needs to be original, seek inspiration. goood laaaakkkk. Please!
- Boooooring

Why do I know this?

Because I have bouts of the above every and then.

Let's call it  Blogger personality disorder.

The trick is varying these ailments as much as possible so that you are not pinned down to ONE ailment.

This week, I have the:
I 'can't be arsed blogging' disorder and I can't be arsed faking it either, thus the shitty post today.



1 comment:

Fotu said...

Bahahaha. I'm scrolling through your history and laughing here.

I can identify with a few of those (needs to get some) hahaha. Kefs!