Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Afraid of being unnoticed, absent, un'liked?'

In recent years, we have been bombarded with human display of emotion, affection and all forms of humanity, in front of the camera. 
We have oohed and ahhhed at wedding proposals by hundreds, well coordinated in public, with music, smiling onlookers and the ensuing video going viral.
We have witnessed virtual displays of love, on bridges, at railway stations, at  at ...anywhere, while a camera is recording.
All captured, all noted, always always in the presence of others, online.
While it is cute, adorable and lovely.
It also leaves me to ponder, about its effect on those who are being influenced by these ideals. 
Young people. 
My own children. 
While these online 'shows' are wonderful, I will continued to reassert this:

Life is lived in the now, and displaying your emotions is something that comes from deep in your heart and it does not require evidence and online approval. 
DO NOT feel pressured by the latest 'in' thing because that will become obsolete next week. Displaying your emotions and sharing your experiences does not have to be online and it doesn't require a million shares.

If you saw online:
 "a kid who will get an ipad if she gets a million likes", don't worry - thankfully, you don't have to do that!....because in this home, you will get an ipad when you get a J.O.B."

If you had a bad day and wanted to whatsapp your mates about it, Good for you honey, but TALK to me, or someone - in person in the first istance. Its much much healthier.

One day, you will realize that emotions and relationships are better honed when you are in the  presence of people, off camera and in the now. 

I say all this after the weekend because its the first time we have gone without the camera to capture Frenchy's marathon. And I can assure you, its a lot more fun being involved than being the vasti stuck behind the lenses while the rest of the supporters are jumping and cheering. 


Anonymous said...

This is soo true!There's a difference between capturing memories and just capturing everything so you can put in online to get everyone's approval.

nola said...

Honestly Jody sometimes I think all this technology is just making people socially retarded. Like even normal manners and morals become sandpapered down to a miniscle spec that is slowly being forgotten(!) like people being all fiapoks on a text message but when they meet you in person they dare not be so rude!! I am constantly telling people how innappropriate it is to (for example) text me for an aitalafu of hundreds of dollars, to sit there staring at your phone over a lunch date with someone or some get together meeting.... I fear for the world my kids are going to grow up in but I suppose it still boils down to us parents exerting control and sense into our kids when using these things eh!!