Monday, December 09, 2013

Vao Sa o TuiFiti

I love this image for so so many reasons:
  • I love that it shows my mom in her trademark sei and sulu aoao dress
  • I love that one of her children is in it, in her trademark couture which is shorts, or on a normal day, undies.
  • We used to visit an old relative who lived on the right of the ford - her home faced the ocean and the backyard was this part, the fresh water part that goes right up to the area called Vao sa o Tuifiti, the sacred(or forbidden) forest of Tuifiti., also inland from here is the Swimming with Turtles at Sato'alepai.
  •  Legend has it that if you pee in this water, which belongs to Tuifiti, you will die. So we had to hop out of the water to pee on land. lol.
  • I love that it reminds me of fun days going somewhere in the beat up old van to some faalavelave or some reason that we didn't care about...we were simply on an adventure - in our short/undies.
  • I love that this image was captured by our family friend (well, more family than friend now) Geoff Hoddinot. Thank You!

Today, the place where the old lady lived is a desolate strip of rocks and sand, she has since passed away and the village have moved inland after the cyclones -  the area is no longer inhabitable.

But this photo brings it all back.


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