Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The face of courage

Enough is Enough, Samoa Observer front page: click to read. 

Reading Lemalu Sina Retzlaff's story and seeing her face front page is sad but more so, courageous. 
It takes a strong woman to step up and be the face of this 'epidemic'.
I have so much respect for her for doing this.
The more we talk about it, the more we shed light and make us, and others, especially young people know that it is not right. Ever. To be violent. particularly to someone who you are (were - at some point) meant to trust and love.

Sometimes, in anger, I wish there was a site, or a public platform to expose these violent people. But I know that doesn't help anyone. 

What does domestic violence look like? 

It's can be the guy you can trust, who is wonderful with people, who is an ambassador for our country, who is charismatic and social, who is trustworthy, who is passionate about his alma mater, who is an adoring father - and that pretty much describes a lot of people. Because domestic violence does not discriminate.

(Wow....after describing the above, it occurred to me that the 6 men I know who beat their wives/ex wives all went to the same boys school in Samoa, all hang out in their boys group as if they are still at high school, and all need to be shot held accountable).
Lemalu Sina is the face of courage.
Brian Lima is the face of a coward. 

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kuaback said...


I am only hoping that he is prosecuted regardless of his 'celebrity' status.

Ain't no once got time for coward wife beaters!!