Sunday, December 08, 2013

Miss South Pacific Pageant 2013

is taking place right now at the Pacific Casino in Honiara.

No live streaming and no consistent updates - so there are a lot of Pacific people online at the moment searching for news, updates, whatever.
some are getting their tarpolines in a knot over the lack of news.....hellocious, its the Pacific...relax yourself mate!
Thankfully, I was getting updated by my darling friend Jane - merci mon amie!

thank you Jane Poloso Miss South Pacific results~
Best Float-Cook Islands, 
Best Sarong-cook islands ,
Best Talent- Solomon Islands, 
Best Trad wear- cook islands, 
Best Interview-Tonga , Miss Photogenic- Samoa, 
Miss Internet- Samoa, 
Miss South Pacific 2013 is Miss Cook Islands!!! 
4th runner up American Samoa 
3rd runner Solomon Islands 
2nd Samoa 
1st runner up Tonga
Winner of the Poor Internet Updates Category: Miss South Pacific 2013 facebook page, lol. jokes.

Miss South Pacific 2013-2014
Teuira Napa
Cook Islands

First Runner Up: Miss Tonga, Best Interview, Miss Personality
Rosemarie Fili
Second Runner Up: Miss Samoa, also Photogenic and most likes (FB)


Rest of the contestants

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