Thursday, December 12, 2013

Death in the hands of others.

whenever I hear these words in samoan prayer, it intrigues me:

Uia ala o o loo iai le maliu ma le oti ae faafetai mo lau puipuiga.

We were on the pathways where there is death, and we were spared, thank you for your protection. 

It is such a fatalistic scary yet - true approach, ...Death is everywhere, and we could potentially die any time.
Death in the above prayer is like hazards on a road that we have to walk through, we could die if we fall into a hole, fall over and crack our head, be hit by a car...or we could make it past and get to our destination safely. 
It got me thinking of driving, and being a driver gives me the means to kill someone else, or myself. 
Then it got me thinking of drunk drivers, and their blatant disregard for human live, theirs and others. 

They are the death traps out on that road, not stationary, but moving fast, moving Hazards - looking for their next person to kill. Unbeknown to you, who is on the road walking to your home. Hit. Killed. 

Morbid thoughts,

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