Monday, December 02, 2013

Because it happened to her

Sometimes, I do not comment on touchy issues - not because I'm ignoring it, but because it happens too close to home. It hurts.
And I don't want to offend the very person I want to speak for. Also, "E leai sa'u feau" kind of mentality.
But today, I will.
Only because, my loved one has become the survivor of domestic violence.
She is the eldest of us girls, she was first to get the hidings from my uncle, the first to get up and be a mother to us younger useless siblings, the first to look after my granma, the first to get told off, the ONLY one to do the washing when we were too busy being ...useless. And the first to leave home.
As a first daughter, she had so much on her shoulders.
I am proud of you girl, for overcoming all the heartache, the pain, the violence, physical and pshycological, the manipulative hate, the anger.

Because of her, I know not to ask a woman in an abusive marriage this question:

"Why don't you leave him?"

It's not that easy.

It never is and never will be. 

We can only be there to support, help and listen, but no matter what we say, only one person will make the decision to leave:

Love you and proud of you LJ!!!!

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