Monday, November 25, 2013

Swearing kid

Today, the boy (La Tuif) broke the towel hanger thingi in the bathroom.
That he broke something is not news at all.
But while he was 'trying' to fix it - he said;

"Damn fuck! damn fuck!"

AT first I thought, nah,,,,he didn't just say that....he's learning to speak for goodness sake...and he doesn't know that.

"Damn FUCK!" he is screaming the 2 words in frustration!

I brought him to the living room and told him off sternly.  The look on his smug face was not one of remorse, the kid was like, smiling - smirking even!
After his telling off, he walked outside to play with Maeva.
Maeva on the other hand comes running over to dob him in.
He was on the trampoline - jumping and shouting out
"Damn fuck! Damn fuck"

 Eh, I'm too hungover to deal with this madness.

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