Monday, November 25, 2013

Sefulu Ono Aso. Sixteen Days

Sefulu Ono Aso or Sixteen Days is a short term online campaign of activism against all forms of violence. Sefulu Ono Aso features views of different members of Samoan society on issues related to violence in the community.
This online platform attempts to create better awareness and understanding of issues, and peoples responses and solutions to ending violence, by publicizing a thought a day by different members of our community.
Sefulu Ono Aso is a project by Storms Mom in the hope that Storm will grow up in a safe environment free from violence in any form, verbal or otherwise.
This short campaign will be guided by Storms great grandmothers favourite verse:
“O le alofa e lavatia mea uma.”

Check out the daily profiles here

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