Sunday, November 03, 2013

Making polo kilikiki Savaii style

I had a moment last week, where I thought about those who have been called home,
and wanted to capture the memories I had of them.
 I recall a funny moment and it made me cry-laugh.

Lagipoiva and I saw our old uncle Va'asili Sene when he walked past our house, he was going to the plantation. 
Naturally, we followed - because we were bored, our older siblings had ditched us Again and we like Va'asili, he didn't talk much...we did most of the talking. Perfect connection.
Anyhow, he was going to get the sap off the err, gum tree. 
We were curious and we watched him do this, while we talked of course. 
He had previously cut into the trees bark and the sap had since dripped onto corrugated pieces of iron and into small containers. 
We walked back with him to the fale kele (by the pool at gatai) and watched him apply the sap onto the corrugated iron. 
He was making kilikikiti balls. Fascinating process.
He allowed us to make our own - small versions of course....when these balls are done properly, they are really hard but bounces really high. And when you get hit by one, you would be in a bad place. 
In fact, a woman from across the road got hit in the ear during a clash between us and Sapapalii and she couldn't hear on that side for life. But she is alive. We all know this because since the incident we refer to her as *Pape who got hit with the polo kilikiki. 
Anyhow, digressing here but that's my memory of Vaasili and learning about making cricket balls.
It made me laugh. That is all.

Goddess of Kilikiti

Image copied without permission from Kay and Peter Forwood's website 

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