Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Latest tuiga on the way to Samoa

And no....I am not a domestic goddess or a clean freak - so cancel your comment about the mess Coconut Girl.

If you want a tuiga made, please email me well in advance, jtiatia@gmail.com.
or like my fb page which is checked regularly by ummm, my siblings I hope, Tuiga by FotuoSamoa and if you see something you like - PM me. 


brighousel said...

Can I put through an order for a tuiga to tip (not take off) to certain people who shall only be mentioned after copious amounts of moet, green apple, berry acai and fejoa vodka, laced with some unknown shots from that fob bartender at the casino and guaranteed to make people dance against "record" shelves, draw on innocent club goers with LIPSTICK, then denied access into same club because one was CAUGHT drawing on innocent club goer's back with lipstick? I think I've covered everything you remember...I shall save the rest for another comment. Lol. Love your work keo! ;)

Goddess said...

Hi brighousel, clearly you have me confused with a mere mortal. But bitch please, no more detail! hahaha - or is this your way of blackmailing someone who is not me? ...sis, I got news for you: I WASN'T THERE! haha