Friday, November 15, 2013

Blown out of proportion.,

Standing at the check in queu, I looked around me - at the crowd of Apia bound travellers - some I know, some I don't want to know because they are about to give me a suitcase to carry - kefs - some dressed in winter boots and leather jackets, because apparently, Samoa is freezing this week, and some - okay, fuck it, I can't be bothered being philosophical about this:

Samoan men my age - who were slim in 1999 and are now, 4 times that size.
Why why why Delilah????
Fat, obese  - and some just angered me, especially because the gentleman I saw was someone I thought was rather good looking back in year 10.
In fact, I thought he was beautiful, and I thought I was going to marry the fukker.

I suddenly had this sense of elation, phew ! thankful that my infatuation with this boy dissipated very fast....because now, looking at him wadding to the counter, I exhale.....I could have been his wife, struggling to find his schlong in the heat of the night.

That is all. 

Back to my cupcakes.

Goddess of Samoa Sexstories.


Jason Brown said...

Haha and I thought it was going be to be a comment on one of my editorials!

Goddess said...

huh???? a comment...I have nothing to say Jason, you know me....I don't have much to say choohooo!