Sunday, October 13, 2013

White Sunday and Samoa

Tomorrow is White Sunday - celebrated by many Samoans as the day for the children. 
The one day when most children get the best of everything, like new clothes, shoes and in most cases 2 changes of New clothes!. Children get to eat before the adults and recite biblical skits in front of the congregation, eat ice cream until you get sick and walk in a perfect line adorned in all things beautiful and white. 

We are not celebrating White Sunday this year. 

We celebrate our children every single day. They eat before us everyday and eat ice cream a lot. 

(Excepts from Confessions of a Samoan woman who has not been to church in a long long time and is looking for excuses *thank heavens my mom doesn't read my blog!*). 

Soifua ona o Iesu.

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