Monday, October 28, 2013

This is a real fagogo being recorded.

This is how we tell our fagogo......this one is told by Yvonne(14) Yvette(16) Frenchy (38 hah) and I(29., pugi). 
We were camped outside, under the starry sky, with the sea roaring in a distance.
There was a fire burning in our midst, ignited with dried branches collected by the children.
Oh yes, the children that are roaming around with lit candles and burnt marshmallows.
We sit, cross legged around the fire, some of us, are slightly inebriated, but we are all here in our circle of laughs. 
Now, as the fire rages and smoke stinks up our facials, ....we start telling the fagogo,.

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Anonymous said...

LOL @ she's like shitting her pants, really and the Wanganugunugu ladies lmao.

Hahaha se aikae ia. Aue!