Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pacific Conference coming up at the University of Waikato

The inaugural Kiwa's Colloquium is a gathering to advance Pacific Research. This year, the theme is T+10, or Talanoa plus 10 years with the aim to refocus on the application and implications of our research on the generations to come.
Kiwa's Colloquium, T+10 is to be held at the University of Waikato in the stunning Academy for Performing Arts. 
International keynotes, workshops on the application of Pacific research methodologies and postgraduate research panels and awards already set this unique event apart. However we have also chosen to bring in a Pacific artist to create an interpretive art piece to be constructed on the day, and to showcase a visual interpretation of Talanoa's value for Pacific research going forward. On top of all that, we have great food organised, entertainment and best of all - it's free!! Register via the UoW School of Maori and Pacific Development website.

Kiwa’s Colloquium, T+10 will be centred on three major, emerging challenges for the greater Pacific;
  • The Pacific and climate change; consideration of the many impacts including cultural continuance, land rights, climate migration, human rights, health, the role of technology and communications, the changing role of NZ/Aus, aid provisions, risks of conflict, food security etc

  • Pacific higher education; issues of access, support, relevance

  • Working for the Pacific; issues of local and regional unemployment, labour migration, pay-equity and occupational resilience in a changing world
Kiwa’s Colloquium, T+10 encourages the attendance of all who are interested in addressing these major contextual challenges for our future, and contributing towards real action through research and application.

Key highlights on the day -

Inspiring keynotes by national and international Pacific leaders including Dr. Malama Meleisea UNESCO expert in fostering a Culture of Peace in the Asia Pacific.
Honorary participation in the very first HIGH Talanoa researcher training session
An original art piece construction – a dramatic interpretation of the value of Talanoa

Eight students will compete for a number of T+10 research awards by presenting their research in 6 minutes to the symposium and an expert panel of judges.

Of course, it would not be a true Pacific event without good food and entertainment, and thanks to the funding of the University of Waikato, we are able to offer full registration at this exciting event for no charge! Kiwa’s Colloquium, T+10 will held at the impressive Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts on November 12th from 8.45am to 5pm, followed by wine & nibbles at Momento Lakes.

Numbers are limited! 
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