Monday, October 21, 2013


after a whirlwind of 5 hectic months of overtime, overcommitment, bending over backwards for the cause (and definitely NOT for pleasurable reasons),
I just hit this invisible wall last week and I realized - no one gives a damn..
so I am cutting back hugely on my enthusiasm and willingness to deliver.
It just get's f**k*n disheartening when I am overcompensating and the rest of the putz around me plough along.
also, I am exhausting my resources at no cost to the benefactors (galuega).
Does this sound like I am in the red light district? No but it feels like that sometimes, I feel like I get used, humped and then discarded...until they have a need and then use, abuse and drop until the next deadline.
so watch this 
That, is the line being drawn.
This is Me - I am on cruise control till next year., the chaos can wait.
(...and in the next episode, we learn about the Goddess being kulianad)

We have a saying in my kingdom called "E le koe valea umi fo'i gei fagau, o loa e ai k**."

In English "Time and tide waits for no man".


Goddess of Negative Energy Resources 

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Anonymous said...

Bwahahaha @ the translation. Aikae. Fa laia.