Wednesday, October 16, 2013

oh the pressure !

Normally I'm amazing and witty and fabulous.(cue: You all nod in agreement).
But then life happens and instead of dealing with it like a big girl, I am crawling to my blog to have a cry about it. 

The pressure on my shoulders right now is like, killing me.(cue: awwwww- poor Goddess - cry me a river).
I have been planning a gig for tomorrow - for the last several weeks,,,,right down to the second.
This morning, an integral group who would are extremely ...integral to the programme, bailed.
No explanations, just "we got a better gig".
I have been up since 6am looking for a replacement and its now 10:53am and awaiting some responses.
I am desperate. Everything has been printed and finalised and all.
I just want to punch someone in the face. real hard. like, BAM! and then toss them to the gutter.

Yup - amazing? nah. fabulous nope. Professional? Fuck that.

My message of today is:

- If you deal with groups of Pacific people, think of the worst scenario and celebrate when they actually turn up.
- Have a Plan B, even if the Plan A are committed right up to the 11th hour. (I had a Plan B who I said Thanks to last week because Plan A were fully on board hahah, keffers).
- Find another outset to express your disapointment instead of a blog where your friends and family know your identity. (Don't school me about it, shuddup).

But - like a Goddess I will TRY focus on the positives:
-The rest of the event is happening
- The weather will be fabulous.
- I will turn 30 tomorrow, not that anyone will notice because we will be dashing around like nutters running the event
- My problems are not as bad as Len Brown's, who did the dirty with a chicklet on a council table.

So really, not that bad, but still - OOOOFERKOOOOOMZ



Anonymous said...

It'll be great. You're a diva, we expect no less. Go get 'em girl!

P.S. BWAHAHAHA @ turning 30. Happy early 33rd bday darling lmao xox

Malelega said...

All the best tomorrow sis. Am sure it'll turn out well but sad about those idiots that pulled out. real selfish pricks but like u say postive thinking. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Love you