Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Media and their dramas

I just saw another appeal on facebook by yet another media organisation seeking support.
But at this point in time, I feel (in only a way that a Goddess does), that they need to switch/get onto the times and understand and be involved with the changes.

- They need to be more involved in helping young people see journalism as a feasible career pathway, Is it?
- They need to be stronger advocates for Pacific media, not themselves or their personal agendas
- They also need to snap out of this self-obsession with anything Pacific and go mainstream
- They need to use their fundraised moolah to pay for a school leaver to get into a Journalism course somewhere, somehow....make a real effort to support their dying breed.

Journalism or Communications?

Communications is more attractive to students (and parents) than when we point out Journalism, but the trouble/or the great thing is that - once a student graduates with a Communications degree, they have a much wider choice of career options, that pays better than just being a journalist.

They can get into Management Communication, Marketing, Public Relations, they can be advertising executives, Arts administrators, Communications Managers, Events manager, Marketing managers, Media Producers, Media Researchers, PR Consultants and why settle for Journalism and more so, why settle for Pacific journalism where there are better avenues?


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