Monday, October 21, 2013

Luisa's Baby

If you live in New Zealand, most of you will be familiar with the tv programme Attitude, which is presented by  Tanya Black. I have seen some of her coverage of Samoan stories before, and everytim without fail, I ball my eyes throughout.
She is wheelchair bound and I love that through her stories, I forget that she has a disability because she is real and able and confident and personable.
She is a reminder that we have a loooooong way to go before we can confidently say we treat others with respect.
We. Do. Not.
Anyhow, this story about Luisa just made me cry (again). I have met Luisa a few times in my (young) life because she is involved with NGOs in Samoa....and in those times, she is a representative, a member of a bigger group, and is influential.
She changed my perspective about disability because she was not what I was told, she was not 'sick' or less able, or disadvantaged when she spoke....and when everyone listened. 
Now watching this episode, I wish everyone who saw this could help,...

Please support Luisa in her hopes of being part of her baby Lance's life.

Image copied without permission from AttituteLive Blog, Dan  Buckingham

I just saw a Facebook page set up with access to Bank account details for Luisa and Lance: 

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