Monday, October 07, 2013

Latest Tuiga aptly called Itu o Taane because ....

Okay, so I have a confession to make.
It hurts my feelings when I have to recreate tuigas (make copies).
It takes so much work to do one, and for many reasons I feel like I am achieving nothing out of making copies. I have one chance to make something different....please please let me do this one differently. I will shoot myself if I have to do the same thing over and over again.

I love tying a story for each tuiga to its wearer.
So here is the latest, made for a tamaitai whose family are from Mauga. 
I was glad, because I love Mauga - if you ever go to Savaii again, go for drive.  It is the most unique, most interesting village you will ever visit. It is circular, and in the middle is a deep green hole where vegetation (plantations) grow. 
I'm sure Warren jopling will call me an idiot for saying hole because I should know better...but. 
Anyhow, in the middle of the hole, is a drinking well, which was introduced by the felelas.
(Omg, this is sounding like a real fagogo but it's a true story!)
Back in the 80s, at the base of the err, hole, was a kilikiti slab (malae kilikiki) and so we used to sit around the mouth of the err, ...oh, I found the word, amphitheatre ...a natural amphitheatre and we would watch the game at the bottom, and eat kolo (sugar cane). 
Mauga was also one of the last remaining villages that had a church which was roofed with thatches...but like most places in Samoa, that too is gone. 
Anyhow, this region is where the Catholic Church arrived (Malaeola ma Gafoaga), there is now a flash church at the entrance of the village which was erected to celebrate the church arrival in Samoa. 

So from the onset, I was already excited about this tuiga connection to a place I love, until she mentioned the other village her family is from, which is Avao.

Avao is where the palagi bible was translated to Samoan language.
My family is from Avao. Some of them anyway, the ones we all hugs and kiss at celebrations and then we spend the remaining years fighting them in court cases and appeals, just your average Samoan family. ....anyhow, yeah, origin of London Missonary Society, now EFKS). 

So 2 villages that have had influential impact of the  beginnings of the two religions in Samoa. 
Both are in the Itu o Tane district. 

There you have it....

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