Sunday, October 13, 2013

In a perfect world,

I would be doing one thing, making tuigas.
Not working.

I would also have an assistant who does menial tasks like threading the needle, refilling the bobbin, cutting the mirrors, making me English breakfast cups of tea and on her free time - raising my children. 
( After I wrote the above - I thought of Lani Wendt young and her grand plans for an assistant, hahah...same same, someone else to do the work!).

But in the meantime, it's business as usual, which in the last week has been about:
- making tuigas while caring for la Tuif and his ear infection, yelling at MM for breaking the mirrors, yelling at La Tuif to put down the hammer, making myself cups of tea and then forgetting where I left it, poking my hand with fecking needles, almost crying because I cant wind a f****ing bobbin so I have to manually do it(it's a brother machine and doesn't take the metal bobbin, but I can't find the plastic version, so right now I want to punch a Brother), and worse of all, I have to prepare for work.

Last week, I resorted to desperate measures, I paid my 13 year old niece cash to look after MM while I tried to deal with the rest of the above.
This is how it went "Yv, please. Can you look after MM?"
Yv "No! I prefer the boy! I don't mind the boy" (welcome to my dys family- they have favourites and say it in from of the kids faces. Tough- I tried calling Evo too and she also wanted the boy, not the girl). 
Me: "Please! I will pay you handsomely, and please tune down your volume when you're expressing your preferences the girl is right there you doko" 
Yv: cool! hand the cash over. Argh! 

Aue Maria e ma ke au makoi. 


Lani Wendt Young said...

Oi aue! the life of a super mum would indeed be so much easier with an assistant.I talk (dreamily) about my assistant so much that my kids now roll their eyes and beg me to stop. #dreamsAreFree

Goddess said...

haha - ah well, until the day they move out, they will just have to keep listening while we ....dream on, choohoo!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha oi aue maria e ma le need some cash.

Goddess said...

ga kogu a...take le cash dont worry about the child lol