Thursday, October 10, 2013

Do you want to contribute positively, sustainably, responsibly?

I've been following this project now to see what they're doing in Piu Village and I am impressed but also baffled that there isn't much uptake for these sustainable measures throughout the Pacific.

To me, this is what all the expensive talk fest is about, all the excessive regional conferences and decrees and communiques and so forth - they all TALK about seeking sustainable solutions - and yet, right here is one.
It is making a difference for a small community.
It is ideal in that it uses the invasive fue saiga - which is crippling our vegetation.
It is sustainable and enables people to work more efficiently, avoid using malala and wood for fire
Generates electricity
but most of all, when I saw this, I kept thinking of the men and women who are up at the crack of dawn and in the evenings trying to keep fires burning to feed a family.
C'mon, lets support this project.

I mentioned Piu village a few blog entries back - it is a beautiful village inland in Upolu. Very small community with only a few families (makafales) and one gorgeous little church, still in its original form (burnt coral structure). Most of the families have extensive plantations. The students who go to school in Apia are transported daily by the faifeau, who then volunteers his time in community projects before transporting them back at the day's end. 
What I find empowering about Piu?
The women preach at church....that's is congregational, but are so forward thinking that women - have this platform which is not permitted elsewhere. 
Behind Piu is a large waterfall that no one is allowed to access - unless you go through Piu, as they are the if you want, be extra nice, contribute to the project and then maybe you can check out the waterfall (:  

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