Sunday, October 06, 2013

After 8 days off Facebook and blogging what have I learnt?

I've learnt what I have always known:
- I waste a whole lot of time on Facebook. I am a Facebook addict. I waste time that could better used.
- Without it (and Instragramm/Viper/Twitter), I'm more productive and I am ready to face my tasks instead of procrastinating...a bit.
- I relogged onto facebook and was taken aback by the over-sharing by people and over-exposure, for example., I am scrolling through newsfeed and I am looking at someone's crotch, someone who is suntanning....i see a lot of these lately, ...but really? you are proud of your flat belly and waxed vageegee so show the world?...well, I guess if i have a flat belly I would do that too....but it's been a while hah 

On the other hand, I missed out on events and gigs that were being shared on facebook that I would have liked to either attend or refer those who would have benefited.
I missed out on the updates from my loved ones who I haven't seen in years or in my nephew's case, (Manumailagi) I haven't met.
Every time I deactivate it means the pages that I am admin for are not being managed (work related) but am so glad my sister is looking after the tuiga page. Thanks Mex.
Speaking of tuigas, part of why I deactivated is because I had several to make and I was stressing out with the deadlines, but thank the Lord, I am done.

This upcoming week, my aim is to reduce my time on Facebook altogether, so I won't deactivate but will not be using it as much.

Thank You

Confessions of a FB Addict.

In related news, one of our recent grads, Letisia Levave is doing a directed study on the topic of "Samoans on Facebook" ....thank you to my friends who filled in her survey. 

I already drew conclusions "Samoans on Facebook is the most toxic combination ever" choohoooo.


Enid Westerlund said...

Haha..that is true. People (myself included) waste too much time on FB, but where else will you find 90% trash and 10% important issues??. The highlight of all my FB garbage is that once in a while I get to reconnect with people who are on the other side of the globe whom I know personally and when I get to connect with people during overseas trips (plus free accommodation and food)!!

Goddess said...

right right......Addict! hahah. nah, i do find some things useful, amidst the faakumuspace