Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Today in my life, what was memorable?

What stood out for me so I can look back and smile, or cry, or pull out my dentures and rock back and forth in fetal position later in life, in some well padded room? 

Patience, or lack thereof.
I just about threw my children out of the car this evening. The six year old was punching the 2 year old, and in retaliation, he ...wait for this....unclicks his car seat (while we're on the Northern Motorway) ...and bit her on the shoulder.
Both cried, pulling hair and I could not pull over, so I had to yell death threats while trying to slow down and calm both down. 
Patience, is something I lacked at that moment. I just wanted to...silence both. Briskly.
I love my children. Most of the time. Other times, I want to kikiga them. (Kikiga means hug).

Money and Influence = A Better Education
You can say all you can about decile ratings being irrelevant and all, but if you walk into a wealthy school and the walk into a decile 1.... Honey, success is more accessible in the former...but not necessarily the drive, or the desperation to excel. 

Auckland traffic is depressing on a normal day, but when it rains, It's an asshole of a place. Len Brown do something.

In an unrelated note, I was inching my way towards the motorway at the newton onramp - it takes about 15 minutes and its 2 lanes. this is where I text frenchy to let him know where I'm at - if I'm late to get the 2 shits (aka, my lovely children) or if traffic is good. Halfway through my texting, I sense the people in the next car gesturing and I thought *aw feck. Don't you tell me to stop texting, I have my period and I could hop out and punch you and then facebook about it while driving* but then I realised, oh, I know the people, they are my in laws relies who I've had a drink or seven with on a few occasions. Great times! go down, and we launch into a you don't, on a New Zealand on ramp at peak traffic...O a mai? Holidays okou next week? ..oka, long time......ia, afea kou ke o ai? Dah Dah Dah" 
Take the coconuts out of Samoa but......

Okay, none of the above is memorable or worth remembering ....but that was a fun exercise. 

Said no one ever. 

In case you think I'm being dramatic, meet my 2 year old, ...and yes, that is a popcorn bag when they walked out of the movies this evening. This is his idea of fun. Frenchy of course encourages him on. He is different this boy. Very different. I will start using the s word soon. 

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