Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Team New Zealand, Kia KAHA

Being a girl raised on the Waitemata and with dad having several boats ...I spent much of my weekends sailing and being around the water...lots of parties down at Uncle's waterfront bach with my friends.
great times indeed ....I loved it all.

Except, all of the above is a lie. I have only stepped on a yatch once in Asau and it was just to get on, eat really strange food like pasta and then step back on the concrete.

But...I got your attention, huh! 

Anyhow, today, Team NZ lost twice to Team Orakefs. 
People are feeling disheartened and sad. I am not even a sailing person, or a die hard fan, but I am beginning to feel it too....I really want NZ to win, I want them to win,.,,but it's like, 8-1 and now 8-8. 
lance Armstrong, have you got something to do with these victories?
Please Sonny Bill Williams, can you switch codes tomorrow?
Anyhow, HAVE FAITH. 
And anyway,  it is a millionaires game,,....clearly, NZ have run out of its kitty and the Americans are loaded.
Simple as that.
KIA KAHA DEAN BARKER....O o outou mama na....Go Team New Zealand!!!!!

In the meantime, here's some tips from Campbell Live about dealing with America's Cup blues:

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Anonymous said...

So, like, Orakefs won aye. Lol.