Sunday, September 22, 2013

The race that wasn't to be, and whats ahead this week...

We got up super early to go watch the final of Americas Cup this Sunday morning, only to find out 5 steps from Shed 10 that the race has been called off....ah well, at least we're all out of bed at 8am on a Sunday...what a record.
La Tuif and I went to Salvation Kitchen: best food ever,
...and to top it off, they have cute home-made toys that kids can play with while you eat your delicious bagel with salmon,  capers, fresh salad hollandiase sauce and more..
I love this place.

This week, what will I be aiming for?
-To prioritize and complete my tasks at work, at completing tuiga orders, at etc etc.
-To keep the house neat.
-To enjoy the time in the Tron with the departing comrades and achieve my tasks
-To have mindblowing hot sex (according to Coconut Girl)...but really, ... nada.
-To bring peace to the Middle East
-To conquer the world in my fabulously amazing way

But mostly, I aim to have the power and drive to roll out of bed each morning.

So help me all Deities and the Pharisees.

Have an average week y'all....keep those expectations down and be happy in the skin you're in - warts, po'us, lafas and all.

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