Thursday, September 12, 2013

Omg, my blog will be 8 years old in Nov.

That's a whole lot of fagogos and so much has happened since then.

I grew up, lived a little, my body has changed, ua popona ou susu ua tutupu o'u mind has err, gotten more umm, stranger by the year, my waistline has expanded a little, my backside has grown, but in a non JLo sort of way, my confidence has umm, skyrocketed, my mamaries have waned a little ...but I'm still friggin fabulous! 

And humble.

And weird.

I love it! 

thank you for reading my madness, I shall continue to write, with no real purpose in mind, no real audience, except the gazillion fans I have in my pretty little head, I shall remain anonymous for as long as this blog exists (even though my name appears sometimes: Goddess, remember that). 

Thank you to people who compliment my writing but really, you just want to smash my face. Thank you to my sister for copping it when someone angrily accuses her about the content, thank you to my blogger friends who change blogs as quickly as they change their undies, not naming names but Nyds hello, thank you to bloggers who have way too fabulous careers and lives who forget to blog, hi Fotu, BrighouseL, Swisshamo, and basically every blogger I've got here on the right. thank you to bloggers who write amazing shit and then delete them, hi Sita, thank you for bliggers who write about important things like family hi Mega and beautiful food hi Panipopo.
 Thank you all for reading and achieving nothing of importance in the process. I am pleased I have contributed absolutely nothing of value to your lives. Wonderful. 
Good Night.

Here's to another 8 years of fagogos mai Samoa Ma Le vasaloaloamalepoloaletamaloa. 


Laura Toailoa said...

Is it creepy to be an avid reader yet never comment... just stalk from afar...?? hehe

I raise my bottle of water to you! (healthy lifestyle waaaat!)


Anonymous said...

Bahahaha. When I saw the title of this post I was thinking hmmm well maybe if I had stuck to 1 effing blog I'd be celebrating my golden jubilee by now lmao. Chae pugi fa.

brighousel said...

Lol! Me too Siusega! Malo lava le fai fagogo Goddess ea poo ai ea! I don't know what you're talking about with your waistline or backside (skinny biarrrch) but true about those :P Keep on keeping on. Vaai se kakou iguga o lea e faakali aku se kogu ;)

Goddess said...

Haha Laura,...I should have included you in that list, hah..and Brighouse, I'm in the dog box at the moment ua ova se mea last week, but lea toe ititi galo toe amaka foi, haha...stay tuned!!!
Siusega, Sui soo Sui soo, dae!

panipopos said...

Okay, so one month later and I see this...sorry suga. I've got a million projects on at the moment and none of them are online, hence the hiatus from the blog. Keep doing what you do (because you're the most consistent of us all) and yes, you are friggin' freakin' flippin' FABULOUS!