Friday, September 13, 2013

Old folks can shag

So the last few weeks, I've been very busy with my Aunty on her RSA activities and errands.
The most recent was the Casino Night which raised more than expected for the Multicultural Group.
Anyhow, this story has many branches, so prepare for branch 1.

1. My Aunty relies on me for anything to do with technology, social media, emailing etc. 
I encourage and force her to understand all these new strange things, and it resulted in her doing a fun course about computers etc.
She calls me and proudly says "Niece, I now have an airmail, can you check it for me?"
Me: "Fantastic, what is your Email address aunty?"
Aunty "wait, wait, let me find my edress book...wait, it is evamyatt1978"
Me "At what? it is @gmail or hotmail or yahoo?"
Aunty: "'re the smart one, you should know these things!...wait, I'll call you back after my Coro pogramme"

1 hour later, she calls back "Niece, my airmail is evamyatt1978 at gmail . com and my password is 7237"

Pregnant pause.....

"Aunty...Is that your pin number?"


Branch 2: 

At the Casino Night, a couple who were well into their 60's were looooocking lips on the dance floor. Both are now single and part of the Golf section. Naturally, it became the conversation at our table of mixed ages. My Uncle 68 year old was cracking jokes about needing the blue pill. The younger ones were either crinching or saying awkward comments about how theres more to look forward to. 
It reminds me of that mechanical engineering comment  "E pala le kigo o le Mazda ae seki a le afi" choohoo

Branch 3:
All you young people, go sign up to a RSA near you, they are looking for new members. You don't have to be a war veteran. If it helps, alcohol is 1999 prices.  

Branch 3:
I need to hang out with people my age more, I'm actually blogging about RSA.


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