Monday, September 09, 2013

Miss Samoa, Tattooing(zzzzz), Miss World Samoa.

This last week, two topics were contaminating my newsfeed:

Tattooing and in the last few hours especially, pageants.

The Tattooing issue has been discussed countless times, and some people continue to be divided over it, then the issue waned (phew)...but wait, Nike gear came around and it became the subject of zzzz conversation again.
Anyhow, read the article at Samoa Observer.

I have always said this,...I will get my malu as soon as my modelling career is over, but in the meantime, my Milan, New York contracts are not allowing it....and it also doesn't look great when I'm wearing my two piece in St Tropez.

So yeah, all in good time....all in good time.

And Suluape is making a lot of money out of tattoos, so duh....of course he would encourage every Sione and his cousin brada to get inked!

Now - pageants.

Miss Samoa was won by the beautiful Susana Fanueli. Thank you Kristian for the following update and thank you Bluesky for the live feed - we were able to watch it all.
3rd Runner up: Miss Samoa Loko Style
2nd Runner up: Miss Mahealanis 
1st Runner up: Miss Samoa Australia
Miss Samoa: Miss Apia Insurance Company
Traditional wear: miss Samoa Australia.
Sarong: Miss Mahealanis
Puletasi: Miss Samoa Australia
Internet: miss Veronica's
Personality: Miss Samoa Loko Style
National Tourism Award: miss Lavashe Couture
Photogenic: Miss Apia Insurance Company
Best Talent: Miss Apia Insurance
Best Interview: miss Mahealanis

And like every year, before the poor girl gets crowned, the conspiracy theorists are hard at work. Just relax people! Don't get yer tarpaulins in a twist!
Any young woman who has the courage to stand in front of critics and be judged is a winner in my eyes. 
But - I must say, the emcees were not great,...there should have been someone who could speak both languages competently and also allow the girls to answer in Samoan, because apparently, its was a ..Miss Samoa pageant? 

Also, still on pageants, Miss World Samoa is now in Indonesia competing for the first time since ages ago, all the best Penina Paeu. You can download the app and vote for her..sorry no time to share the link. check out the FB page

This week, I look forward to - nothing....I just want to survive it and still reach Saturday looking like a million dollars....which is like, always. (Miss Disillusioned right here).

I leave you with:
"World peace and harsher corporal punishment for parole violators" 
Gracie Hart, Miss Congeniality
All images below are copied without permission from the Miss Samoa FB page


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