Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Maori and Pacific parents need to be more involved in their students education.

I've just come back from yet another information evening held in a school. 
Labour Politicians and academics cry wolf about Maori and Pacific underachievement and lack of engagement. 
They say that they are disadvantaged and poorly informed about educational choices.
 Dr Damon Salesa keeps saying this, Ive also heard another academic, Efeso Collins say this, that the system is against them zzzzzz. 
And as a result, so much resource is driven towards raising Pacific and Maori achievement, scholarships, progression onto careers and tertiary blah blah. Great. 
But if you go to school expos at night, ...majority of parents that show up? 
They're Pakeha, Asian, and every other ethnicity and very few Pacific and Maori. 
I accept that there are 'legitimate' reasons for some, like doing shift work, no car, no legs to walk to school, no time to skip Shortland Street and go to school to be informed and support their student, and so forth.

Why should parents be involved? 
So they can be able to support their children better. 
So they can understand how the educational system works, including NCEA, which is now translated into Pacific languages. 
So that students feel supported and are aptly encouraged to choose options that they enjoy, and not because their mates are doing it. 
Because as a parent, it is your responsibility.

So my point is? we are our own enemies sometimes.
Sometimes, it is not systematic failures and poverty of opportunity or inequity.
It is much of the time, parents who simply do not prioritise their children's education.
Simple as that.

#Be involved, be informed, be aware, be relieved when your child succeeds. 

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