Saturday, August 03, 2013

Ua ta'alavelave le inafo.

often find that when documentaries are made about faafafine, it is done so in a humorous, light-hearted and amusing angle.
 It is playful and intriguing and anthropologically interesting.
It is different and something that highlights the "otherness" of fafafine and Samoa. 
So watching this doco was refreshing for a change, it looks past the pageantry and comedy and the otherness, it dismantles all this and the narrative simply belongs to the faafafines themselves.
I presume this doesn't go down well with everyone, but I think,...differing perspectives are healthy and necessary, to shed light on such an over studied and misunderstood life, sense of being. 

I encourage you all fabulous faafafines, to do this...stop being the object in the story, but be the teller of your own ory...because only you say it better and it teaches us all that its not all about pageantry and fanfare, it's more, it's complex, it's layered and it is always changing. 


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