Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sex education

Sex education in my village refers to when an older person of the family says:

"Come home with a pregnancy and then you will see what I will do to you, ua e iloa? 
In fact, you won't be able to see what I will do to you. Because I will strangulate you until your eyes pop out"
(Vaai i ai i le mea o le'a ou faia i'a oe pe'a e faamaga mai ua e ko e?!)

End of sex education.

"Let us pray...Faafetaaaiii i le Atuaaaaa!"


Anonymous said...

And yet we still came home with pregnancies lol. I'm baaaack :)

Goddess said...

because we have tough necks...fiu e strangle, this actually you or one of your alter-egos? I miss you,...not you you but the unedited you. kae, update le mea

Anonymous said...

This is me - siusega.blogspot.combo lol