Saturday, August 17, 2013

Rain reawakens the Savaii child in me.

Some of the most memorable hidings (sasa) in my young life occurred on rainy days.
When puddles swelled and small rivers form outside our fale.
What child dares stay in bed when dirt beckons to be channeled?
What self respecting child reads a bible when leaves needed stripping to make homes for ants and worms?
Never this child, nor her rain loving siblings.
Rain, in all it's excitement meant splashes and swimming and laughter.
no matter the ensuing sasa, we dashed into the rain with joy.

But as we grew older, rain also meant chaos, rushing to pull down thatches, tarpaulinsBring in washing and dirty children.
Rain, most of all reminds me of the lolo.
Because Faleasiu in her bed would call out before the rain "bring in the lolo!" In Samoan "alage se aikae e amai Le lolo I kokogu"

Lolo that was a mixture of coconut cream, mosooi flowers, kigamogi and love, left in the sun until oil seeped, captured in coca cola bottles and a piece of coconut husk as a cover.

Lolo and rain don't like each other. Rain stinks up lolo. Stink lolo results in oil that is called faguu u'u.
And nobody wants to buy oil that is u'u.
Not the least my grandmother.
So when it rained today, my savaii instinct kicked in, "quick, bring in the lolo, pull down the thatches and get the children from the puddles".                   
I miss it all now, my childhood, my rickety old house, my cousins, my garden filled with houses of leaves and waters that flowed free, I miss the scent of fragrant faguu Samoa, poured into thick 
bottles, mosooi petals but most of all, I miss her.

After I posted the above on Facebook, my dear friend Evelynne Kalo from Vanuatu tags me in these beautiful images of her family making a lolo 2 weeks ago....coincidence or fabulous minds think alike?
The latter, thanks (:
All photos belong to Evelynne, along with the directing skills and ALL the hard work belongs to her darling hubby and children...Good work sass!

So, Evelynne's tells me mosooi is Ylangylang in English. I learnt something new today!

I also stumbled across my sibling's note about Faguu Samoa - AND she also wrote about my beloved Granma...again, we think she visits us sometimes because we end up doing things in her memory.
Malelega's image of faguu Samoa in a bottle and the pulu bottle covers!
Read her take here:
Moelagi bathed in faguu, Savaii style....haha, this reminds me of Diana - makuai mole lava le muaulu i le faguu

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