Wednesday, August 14, 2013

O le falesa

Church is not about faith or religion or denomination in Samoa.
At least not the Samoa that I know.
Church is part of me, of my thinking and my being. 
I learnt to sew under the eaves of our church building, and recite scripts from the bible
Not because I wanted to, but because I must (Or else the salulima will traverse my papa tua haha).
As I am a child of God.
Despite my usual nonchalance and sarcasm, deep down, my church defines me.
My church leaders protect me 
and others in times of turmoil.
My church leader will stop the machete wielding taule'ale'a from striking a blow
Because he too, was raised to be a God-fearing child, 
Under the eaves of the faifeau's house.
Church: Love it or hate it, its part of who we are.

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QueenB said...

Preeeaaach! Oute faaluaina le manatu lea ;) Church is a part of us, it is what it is.

PS - love your pictures.