Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Calling a certain Ministry

Me: Talofa, famolemole lava, can I check that your postal address is PO Box **** for your Minister?
Ministry person: ...*pause...crouch....disengage* sis....ea pe'a e vili aku i le makou PA i le gumela *****?
Me: "Oi, ae leai seisi iiga pls e confirm iga le address faamolex2?
Ministry person: "Sorry sis, leai sesi (meanwhile full one faiga stories in the foreground).
Me:...dialling the number given and asking for the PO address because our mail came back:
Ministry PA: "Ea pe'a e vili i le makou Ministry please? O iga e alaku uma lava ai makou meli i le Records"
Me: "ua uma ga ou vili i le kou Mininstry ae leai se isi e iloa le kou PO Box....but its okay, I have the cell phone number a le kou Minister, I'll give him a call, tai lava".....and immediately after that lie, I was given a postal address.

I love my country. 

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Betty said...

typical :|