Friday, August 23, 2013

Australia wants more seasonal workers in their dairy industry, reported Samoa Observer...

Meanwhile, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, PNG, Samoa have a HUGE supply of labour force, waiting for the chance to do the work.

Governments of the Pacific and NZ and Aus Governments: You should make it Happen (uh huh....yeah that's right, because Rudd, John Key, Abbott and all the Pacific leaders wake up every morning and check my blog seeking words of wisdom from me, uh huh, right-o).

And I bet someone is reading this and muttering, "auuuu, isa! its not that easy...fiapokz!"

In the meantime, apples are rotting on the ground in New Zealand because there's not enough people to pick it.

Someone in the policy fold for Pacific trade once wrote a report that heavily influenced outcomes today, someone who said that Pacific Islanders do not have the required skills to work in the agriculture industry., instead, Phillipino are better suited as they have the training and skills in animal husbandry and agriculture in general.  

Now,.....I surely do hope that the above does not affect the Aussies future policies esp as they seek workers for Agriculture... they should still consider Pacific Islanders. 
We have USP who can do some sort of training to prepare the workers.

Oh the things I could do if I was a Pacific leader...I will be making these avenues happen for Pacific workers, I will promote it to the Aus and NZ agriculture, viticulture and horticulture industry - who are screaming out for labour, and I will make sure they all know it is a TRIPLE WIN for Governments, Industry and Pacific Workers...there are no losers.....except me, who is blogging and has NO say whatsoever in all this! 

Thank you, 

Goddess of Labour Mobility

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