Wednesday, June 05, 2013

This is the end of Samoa as we know it:

Read this story by Lagi Keresoma and be worried;

When I first read it, I was so disgusted,....this is what the Government of Samoa has allowed to happen.
This is sick....check out the conditions:
1. Acquire land for purpose of hotels and villas: considering the long term investment returns, a preferential price offering by Samoa Government and private  land owner is expected.
2. Land leasing for purpose of agriculture, beach, water park for a leasing period of  160 years.
3. Land for airport, port, hospital, school and nursery shall be provided by Samoa Government free of charge.
4. For the Government land surrounding airport, port and entertainment center, Chinese party, after signing the agreement, owns the priority to use the land. Any organization and person will not be allowed to explore or use the land without approval from the Chinese party.
5. Samoa Government shall approve of establishing financial institutions and bank.
Medical, education, food industry and health projects shall be introduced into local system.
6. Issue exclusive Permit to the Chinese party to manage gambling business. No other organ or person is allowed to engage in the same business in Samoa.
9. Samoa Government shall agree to admit 30,000 workers in the whole range under the general project, who shall enjoy the same national treatment as local resident.
10. Overseas labor employed by the contractor shall be permitted to stay in Samoa no less than 3 years, and shall enjoy local social welfare.
11. Colleges under this general project can recruit students worldwide, a co-operation with third country university is allowed to be introduced into Samoa to upgrade education level.
13. Government shall allow visitors to enjoy tax-refund of luxury commoditie
14. Three languages shall be used simultaneously in Chinese, English and Samoan in all the identification and road signs in project locations.

Makua'i fumfa lava le mea a kakou sole...

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kuaback said...

sign over the whole country to the chinese why dont ya? gaaarrrsssshhhhh. What is wrong with these people?