Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The best fagogo I can recall,

from my childhood was told to us by three people, my grandmother Faleasiu, her uncle Lealali and her son, Leota Viliamu.

I don't have the time to retell it now, but it was told in parts by the three.
Naturally, it started off as a legend of a beautiful Sina (because naturally, 99.9% of our Samoan heroins are called Sina),....she was half-woman, half spirit and roams the villages and the valleys of Savaii.
In fact, if you get up in the middle of the night, and walk outside, (dramatic pause)., Sina will backhand you but you will not realize it until you wake up with a crooked neck and a swollen eye.
What was intriguing about this Sina is that she owned a carriage, made of gold and diamonds, and as the story dragged into the night, we find out that Sina ends up in Paia, in the dwarves cave.
She was sought after by all the strong good looking highly ranked manaia from all of Samoa...naturally. 
As we were mesmerized with Sina's ancient world, the fagogo was passed onto our comical uncle, Leota who told us that Sina had in fact, lost her front teeth and was now a "kuapi'o" hunchback....slowly, the intrigue and the glamour is replaced with the comical and theatrical. Sina is now dancing in a cave while music is blaring, and as she looks up, she sees a hole in the lava.
Quickly, she clambers onto the sharp rocks and breaks out into the open....all around is black lava, desolate, peace, with just the wind on the face....and then in a distance, came something so foreign, so strange, ...it crept closer and Sina was in awe, and fearful, for she had never laid eyes on this creature before:
The Aiaiava Bus.



Malelega said...

OMG I remember that ending with the AiaiAva bus from Uncle Leoka like it was yesterday lol

Goddess said...

Haha...he was the funniest a ea