Monday, June 10, 2013

Samoa legal Information Institute

Putting on my public announcements hat again this morning, but before I do, must I say that getting information from most Samoan  ministries is like....drawing Vailima from a rock.
EXCEPT for Samoa Bureau of Statistics....they are amazing, professional, comprehensive data. Seki a!


There is now a fantastic resource for all you Law students out there, and anyone out there needing free access to legal information.
The Samoa Legal Information Institute (SamLII) is organised:
  1. To provide, in accordance with the laws of Samoa, free online access to legal information to the public, legal profession, academics and students;
  2. To electronically publish public legal information including the decisions of the Supreme Court, legislation and public secondary legal materials created by public bodies for purposes of public access;
  3. To provide training in online research to support access to the legal information of Samoa and that of other countries;
  4. To encourage and promote public policies and practices that support free and open access to the law and other legal information of Samoa.
SamLII abides by the principles of the Montréal Declaration on Free Access to Law
SamLII’s primary product is an online portal for providing free access to the legal information of Samoa, which is located at

Check it out.

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