Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Places you must stay at in Samoa - time and $$ permitting.

I wrote this a while back and forgot to post it:

Places that I absolutely LOVED:

Le Manumea Resort: The room was peeerfect, and nothing beats having a shower with the stars and the moon as your ceiling....they also have a Fiafia Night with a huge buffet dinner and they made faiai elegi taste deeelish. So already, I'm a fan of this place. Loved it, highly recommended!

Le Uaina: We've stayed here 2 years ago and it was lovely....but this time, I absolutely love what they have done, they've put in a swimming pool, lovely outdoors area and they've built around the large talie trees. 
You can also use the kayaks and the food is divine. 
We were there when 2 weddings were happening back to back, but the staff never ignored us,...they looked after us during the whole event. 
Le Uaina is next door to Piula Pools.
I also love this place because of its historic significance. 

Amanaki: I didn't stay here but my sister and family did. Gorgeous new rooms, central, lovely food at the restaurant - best raw fish. 

Tanoa: Second stay, the rooms are clean, large and lovely decor, so my decision to stay here was based on the rooms alone. The service itself was pathetic, the food was expensive but substandard and the staff were grumpy and you wait for more than 45 minutes for anything you order. It's a pity their food and bev brings them down. But again, its a good place to stay but you can go nextdoor to Amanaki to eat or other food places nearby.

PS: This is not a sponsored page and I do not get commission from posting my experiences and i am not affiliated with the above places....please let me know if you don't agree or what me to remove something.

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