Monday, June 03, 2013

Language is power.

Tuiatua Tupua's speech made my heart sing with pride. 

Read the speech on Samoa Observer.

I love that he reminds us that Samoa was independent loong before 1962., and his descriptions of the colours of the flag, which  informs, educates but more importantly, inspires and reminds us of the depth and beauty of our language, our history, our forefather's journey. 
E ese le loloto o la tatou gagana.

I find that here, there are so many Samoans, speakers of the Samoan language, but there are no avenues where their language skills can be used to help those learning, or wanting to learn. 
Last week, we received so many enquiries from people wanting to learn Samoan. While it was wonderful, it was also clear that there were not many courses available, and none if you are living away from the large centres. Even less if you don't go to church. Isa Laia le au le lolotu (what are you looking at me for?).

I have had my son on the wait list of a Samoan aoga amata for 6 months now, and as he begins to learn from his peers now, he's getting a bit confused, he now says:
And he is coming home teaching me that in fact, vai is really water, and meaai is food.
But everything's reverting back to Samoan after the threat of a sasa! 

Manuia le sisigafua, 60 tausaga o Samoa college, ma isi mea faapena. 

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