Monday, June 10, 2013

Clouded rugby night

Much of the game is sketchy as I was a 'little' indisposed, but may I say these things while my recollection is clouded:
-French supporters are awesome, passionate, happy, no matter the outcome. Allez les Bleus.
-AB supporters are, why bother going to the game when you just sit there in absolute silence,....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. kaea. No wonder Cruden was sloppy.
-NZ Police are awesome.....we walked out with beer and wine and cop stops us on the road and said "Liquor ban area" and because there's nowhere to get rid of our bottles, he made us "Chop it" there and then.
NZPolice gets the AWESOMENESS Award!
- I do not remember the second half of the game and no idea the score.
- Don't go into a restaurant and brag about how awesome their Georgian rugby team is,....because its not a Geogian restaurant, its Jordanian....dummo.
- I had no idea Samoa played a game and beat Scotland, so triple wow for that....delayed reaction right here.
- Never ever update Facebook while you're indisposed.
- I am too old for this shit.
Never again.

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