Tuesday, June 04, 2013

A fascinating read if you are a parent of a student and want him or her to go to University in New Zealand

I've just read a book "Uni Bound" Edited by Irena Madjar and Elizabeth McKinley.
It shares various stories by actual students about their transition from High School to University.
This book was actually sent to me my my work colleague because it relates to my actual job....so I am quite impressed with myself for reading work material over the long weekend...iMazing!!
Anyhow, what I appreciate after reading that book is that it reminded me again that every student I meet have their own complicated journey, struggles, challenges that I need to respect.
Going to University isn't straight-forward for a lot of people, it is a long shot and a distance idea that they need to be eased into.
I love reading the personal stories because I can related to it.
I can empathize with their decisions and I love that they overcome so much to get to University.
 I think parents can benefit from reading this, 
If you work with young people, it's a good read.

Artificial Graduations
I just found out something really really sad...I knew this happened to a few students on Confessions pages, but I just found out that it is happening a lot now: Students are faking their graduation and misleading their parents and families. 
So if you are a parent and your son or daughter is at University, to be absolutely sure, 
- Sit down with them and log in together to view their results at the end of each semester.
-Book a time with an academic adviser / programme adviser of their respective Faculty and sit down together with your student and get informed about their progress.
-Every student who graduates gets tickets to their graduation ceremonies,...if you get told as a parent that they couldn't get tickets, that is a LIE....alarm bells should be ringing.
- YOU need to go online and check the times of graduation ceremonies and be there. Don't rely on secondhand information.
Unfortunately, the Privacy Act prevents you as a parent from accessing personal information including academic results, so the only way around it is working with your student throughout their degree and getting involved with their work.

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