Thursday, June 27, 2013

I want to get married again.

Just for the sake of this dress:

Part of the upcoming MENA Bridal range.


I will need some padding on the chest to pull it off though.
Coz after 2 bebes suctioning the lustre out of these mamaries,
this Goddess will need divine intervention to keep em perked.

Thank you for tuning it to today's workshop entitled:
Too much information.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I love this Peace Corp blog...

...and I was going to keep it to myself, but its been so so entertaining lately, I'll have to share it with you.

He's in Savaii, teaching somewhere near or in Sataua? 

Most of his updates are blimmin hilarious....even the titles...I mean, who will flip past Gay dogs without reading what its about?

But this is the best one:...ooooh baby its a 'wide' world. chooohoooo!

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Lost Coconut Blog

is my new obsession in the last few weeks.
She is a Samoan woman living in Melbourne, a mother, wife, learner, musician (read about her music journey and be humbled by her parents sacrifices and hers) but best of all,,,,she writes beautifully.
 I imagine that she is the cool kid on the playground that I'd want to be friends with (definitely not the one to piss off because she has an anti-bully cool girl strategy that will cripple my fiapoxness).
so addition to the Fobular Blogs that I stalk (:
The Lost Coconut...enterchoy~!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Musika Malie by Wellington College Chorale

2013 The Big Sing
@ 2013 The Big Sing, Wellington Regionals
New Zealand Choral Federation Secondary Schools Choir Festival
Wellngton Town Hall

This Samoan song is by Five Stars originally but has been sung by every other Samoan on the planet,...I love how every year now, the schools are using Samoan songs.
Seki a Wellington College!!!

Here is their version of "Elegi"

Absolutely love it!!!

But this is a soft, sensual but strong rendition of "Minoi" from last year that simply makes you want to....Minoi, by Bellissimo from Whangaparaoa College

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Family and friends....plan ahead so you won't whine and complain after the fact.

we'll be doing France again next July, ideally last 2 weeks July towards end of August: (Annual leave permitting ov course).
We'll be in Marseille and Cuers much of the time, but plan to offload the churens with outlaws and travel a bit.
...this therefore gives you, 13 months to get your shiboots together.

Thanks you,

Pulega ma le au faigaluega

Proposed Itinerary subject to change, budget and willingness of outlaws to care for the neglected children.

Let us learn from each other's journeys

To generalize is to belittle the struggles and journeys of so many.

I'm saying that today to remind myself and you that before you walk past someone today,

Stop and might benefit from the wisdom in someone else's journey, they may have walked past the road you now seek, you too may know the shortcut they can't see.

Let's be considerate of the others because we all have different journeys.

Live and Learn.

Fa'afetai Lava

Goddess of Strange Blog Updates.

The best fagogo I can recall,

from my childhood was told to us by three people, my grandmother Faleasiu, her uncle Lealali and her son, Leota Viliamu.

I don't have the time to retell it now, but it was told in parts by the three.
Naturally, it started off as a legend of a beautiful Sina (because naturally, 99.9% of our Samoan heroins are called Sina),....she was half-woman, half spirit and roams the villages and the valleys of Savaii.
In fact, if you get up in the middle of the night, and walk outside, (dramatic pause)., Sina will backhand you but you will not realize it until you wake up with a crooked neck and a swollen eye.
What was intriguing about this Sina is that she owned a carriage, made of gold and diamonds, and as the story dragged into the night, we find out that Sina ends up in Paia, in the dwarves cave.
She was sought after by all the strong good looking highly ranked manaia from all of Samoa...naturally. 
As we were mesmerized with Sina's ancient world, the fagogo was passed onto our comical uncle, Leota who told us that Sina had in fact, lost her front teeth and was now a "kuapi'o" hunchback....slowly, the intrigue and the glamour is replaced with the comical and theatrical. Sina is now dancing in a cave while music is blaring, and as she looks up, she sees a hole in the lava.
Quickly, she clambers onto the sharp rocks and breaks out into the open....all around is black lava, desolate, peace, with just the wind on the face....and then in a distance, came something so foreign, so strange, crept closer and Sina was in awe, and fearful, for she had never laid eyes on this creature before:
The Aiaiava Bus.


Monday, June 10, 2013

Funniest Pani ever, meeting Jason Momoa.

Pani and Jason Momoa....hilarious.

My favourite comment: "OMG, I think my dragon eggs are pregnant!!!"

Clouded rugby night

Much of the game is sketchy as I was a 'little' indisposed, but may I say these things while my recollection is clouded:
-French supporters are awesome, passionate, happy, no matter the outcome. Allez les Bleus.
-AB supporters are, why bother going to the game when you just sit there in absolute silence,....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. kaea. No wonder Cruden was sloppy.
-NZ Police are awesome.....we walked out with beer and wine and cop stops us on the road and said "Liquor ban area" and because there's nowhere to get rid of our bottles, he made us "Chop it" there and then.
NZPolice gets the AWESOMENESS Award!
- I do not remember the second half of the game and no idea the score.
- Don't go into a restaurant and brag about how awesome their Georgian rugby team is,....because its not a Geogian restaurant, its Jordanian....dummo.
- I had no idea Samoa played a game and beat Scotland, so triple wow for that....delayed reaction right here.
- Never ever update Facebook while you're indisposed.
- I am too old for this shit.
Never again.

Samoa legal Information Institute

Putting on my public announcements hat again this morning, but before I do, must I say that getting information from most Samoan  ministries is like....drawing Vailima from a rock.
EXCEPT for Samoa Bureau of Statistics....they are amazing, professional, comprehensive data. Seki a!


There is now a fantastic resource for all you Law students out there, and anyone out there needing free access to legal information.
The Samoa Legal Information Institute (SamLII) is organised:
  1. To provide, in accordance with the laws of Samoa, free online access to legal information to the public, legal profession, academics and students;
  2. To electronically publish public legal information including the decisions of the Supreme Court, legislation and public secondary legal materials created by public bodies for purposes of public access;
  3. To provide training in online research to support access to the legal information of Samoa and that of other countries;
  4. To encourage and promote public policies and practices that support free and open access to the law and other legal information of Samoa.
SamLII abides by the principles of the Montréal Declaration on Free Access to Law
SamLII’s primary product is an online portal for providing free access to the legal information of Samoa, which is located at

Check it out.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Fostering a culture of peace, tolerance and competence

Personal observations:

This week, I have been busy with a project surrounding the above topic.
The fascinating lessons I've learnt are making me take a second look at religion.
There are religions that are the agents of peace, intercultural skills and understanding.
I won't name names, but the Bahai faith? - they are spot on with their teachings.

Just thinking out loud, that is all (:

Places you must stay at in Samoa - time and $$ permitting.

I wrote this a while back and forgot to post it:

Places that I absolutely LOVED:

Le Manumea Resort: The room was peeerfect, and nothing beats having a shower with the stars and the moon as your ceiling....they also have a Fiafia Night with a huge buffet dinner and they made faiai elegi taste deeelish. So already, I'm a fan of this place. Loved it, highly recommended!

Le Uaina: We've stayed here 2 years ago and it was lovely....but this time, I absolutely love what they have done, they've put in a swimming pool, lovely outdoors area and they've built around the large talie trees. 
You can also use the kayaks and the food is divine. 
We were there when 2 weddings were happening back to back, but the staff never ignored us,...they looked after us during the whole event. 
Le Uaina is next door to Piula Pools.
I also love this place because of its historic significance. 

Amanaki: I didn't stay here but my sister and family did. Gorgeous new rooms, central, lovely food at the restaurant - best raw fish. 

Tanoa: Second stay, the rooms are clean, large and lovely decor, so my decision to stay here was based on the rooms alone. The service itself was pathetic, the food was expensive but substandard and the staff were grumpy and you wait for more than 45 minutes for anything you order. It's a pity their food and bev brings them down. But again, its a good place to stay but you can go nextdoor to Amanaki to eat or other food places nearby.

PS: This is not a sponsored page and I do not get commission from posting my experiences and i am not affiliated with the above places....please let me know if you don't agree or what me to remove something.

This is the end of Samoa as we know it:

Read this story by Lagi Keresoma and be worried;

When I first read it, I was so disgusted,....this is what the Government of Samoa has allowed to happen.
This is sick....check out the conditions:
1. Acquire land for purpose of hotels and villas: considering the long term investment returns, a preferential price offering by Samoa Government and private  land owner is expected.
2. Land leasing for purpose of agriculture, beach, water park for a leasing period of  160 years.
3. Land for airport, port, hospital, school and nursery shall be provided by Samoa Government free of charge.
4. For the Government land surrounding airport, port and entertainment center, Chinese party, after signing the agreement, owns the priority to use the land. Any organization and person will not be allowed to explore or use the land without approval from the Chinese party.
5. Samoa Government shall approve of establishing financial institutions and bank.
Medical, education, food industry and health projects shall be introduced into local system.
6. Issue exclusive Permit to the Chinese party to manage gambling business. No other organ or person is allowed to engage in the same business in Samoa.
9. Samoa Government shall agree to admit 30,000 workers in the whole range under the general project, who shall enjoy the same national treatment as local resident.
10. Overseas labor employed by the contractor shall be permitted to stay in Samoa no less than 3 years, and shall enjoy local social welfare.
11. Colleges under this general project can recruit students worldwide, a co-operation with third country university is allowed to be introduced into Samoa to upgrade education level.
13. Government shall allow visitors to enjoy tax-refund of luxury commoditie
14. Three languages shall be used simultaneously in Chinese, English and Samoan in all the identification and road signs in project locations.

Makua'i fumfa lava le mea a kakou sole...

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

A fascinating read if you are a parent of a student and want him or her to go to University in New Zealand

I've just read a book "Uni Bound" Edited by Irena Madjar and Elizabeth McKinley.
It shares various stories by actual students about their transition from High School to University.
This book was actually sent to me my my work colleague because it relates to my actual I am quite impressed with myself for reading work material over the long weekend...iMazing!!
Anyhow, what I appreciate after reading that book is that it reminded me again that every student I meet have their own complicated journey, struggles, challenges that I need to respect.
Going to University isn't straight-forward for a lot of people, it is a long shot and a distance idea that they need to be eased into.
I love reading the personal stories because I can related to it.
I can empathize with their decisions and I love that they overcome so much to get to University.
 I think parents can benefit from reading this, 
If you work with young people, it's a good read.

Artificial Graduations
I just found out something really really sad...I knew this happened to a few students on Confessions pages, but I just found out that it is happening a lot now: Students are faking their graduation and misleading their parents and families. 
So if you are a parent and your son or daughter is at University, to be absolutely sure, 
- Sit down with them and log in together to view their results at the end of each semester.
-Book a time with an academic adviser / programme adviser of their respective Faculty and sit down together with your student and get informed about their progress.
-Every student who graduates gets tickets to their graduation ceremonies,...if you get told as a parent that they couldn't get tickets, that is a LIE....alarm bells should be ringing.
- YOU need to go online and check the times of graduation ceremonies and be there. Don't rely on secondhand information.
Unfortunately, the Privacy Act prevents you as a parent from accessing personal information including academic results, so the only way around it is working with your student throughout their degree and getting involved with their work.

God Bless,

Monday, June 03, 2013

Language is power.

Tuiatua Tupua's speech made my heart sing with pride. 

Read the speech on Samoa Observer.

I love that he reminds us that Samoa was independent loong before 1962., and his descriptions of the colours of the flag, which  informs, educates but more importantly, inspires and reminds us of the depth and beauty of our language, our history, our forefather's journey. 
E ese le loloto o la tatou gagana.

I find that here, there are so many Samoans, speakers of the Samoan language, but there are no avenues where their language skills can be used to help those learning, or wanting to learn. 
Last week, we received so many enquiries from people wanting to learn Samoan. While it was wonderful, it was also clear that there were not many courses available, and none if you are living away from the large centres. Even less if you don't go to church. Isa Laia le au le lolotu (what are you looking at me for?).

I have had my son on the wait list of a Samoan aoga amata for 6 months now, and as he begins to learn from his peers now, he's getting a bit confused, he now says:
And he is coming home teaching me that in fact, vai is really water, and meaai is food.
But everything's reverting back to Samoan after the threat of a sasa! 

Manuia le sisigafua, 60 tausaga o Samoa college, ma isi mea faapena.