Thursday, May 23, 2013

Samoan fun activity for children living outside Samoa, ...who own a banana tree

So today's weeding the garden ended up being an activity class with Maeva.
Making a ula from a tu moa (inflorescence according to google thank you) of a banana tree.
Step 1: Slash off the tu moa from the banana tree

 Step 2: Peel off the layers and break off the unopened flowers 

 Step 3: Place them in the order you like em on the ula, ie, the nice ones centred and the small ones on the sides.  

 Step 4: Start sewing, make sure you don't let the sap onto clothes, stays forever and forever. Get an old cloth and gently dap ula to remove excess sap.

Step 5: Et voila! Ula tu moa for Miss tama'imoa.

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Teine Samoa said...

Love this- if only we had a banana tree! Oh and your daughter is gorgeous!