Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Samoa Quiz

Bored out of your brains?

Take my made up quiz which is all about Samoa and the level of difficulty is errr, really easy!

Good luck!

Answers: Clearly, some of the people who answered are having a good

...omg, I am ALTing at the answers at the moment...the name of the bird no longer banned in Samoa?
"Pipi".....was that you Goldgurl? hahahah....ata oleo tele ma ta'avalevale i luga o le fala, choohooo!

“Under the wide and starry sky. Dig the grave and let me lie: Glad did I live and gladly die” 


QueenB said...

Just did your survey, not that I have piles of bloody work to do this morning haha think I got most of them right? lol Have a wonderful day suga.

- B

Goldgurl said...

lol...just did your survey too...hoping for an A+ hahaha

Have a great day :)